There is a great deal of money to profit from irrational behavior, treatment and recovery especially since the system is only designed to maintain people. Recovery is a myth within the system. There are employees who truly care and will invest all of themselves in the well being of individuals and communities but the monetary compensation they receive is minimal and limited.

This has been my experience.

It’s similar to the justice system as in a police officer will risk their life in the event while receiving limited pay. The lawyer who prosecutes the perpetrator the officer risked their life to apprehend will be paid a significant amount more.

It seems rather ass backwards I’d say.

However, these are all jobs that need to be done while the government and institutions profit from these occurrences. It’s a cycle. The more we’re maintained the more insurance companies payout and the more government and institutions make money. It’s no different with non profit in my experience. The organization I worked for received huge giant ass grants and donations, in the millions I’d imagine. Far more than the expense they were putting out.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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