There is a lot of truth in this. I think content writing, life hacks and listicles are so popular because we’re looking for a quick fix, the fasted way to fulfill our method of madness and amp up our ability to produce shit all day, every day at the fasted rate possible, and you’re right. It’s about “having done something,” but there are so many somethings we could be doing. I feel as if productivity as far as work is concerned is a competition and I think somewhere along the way we have forgotten that work/ life balance keeps us motivated and inspired to do the most with our work time.

Writing is an art and research is required, stories take time to write but that doesn’t mean you aren’t putting anything out during this time. Engagement with writing communities and your readers are both equally considered being productive and important towards your end goal.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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