This is a great statement to describe exactly what’s going on here. It is so typical, here in America that those in places of authority (mostly government) and in this case healthcare lack middle ground and a portion of the problem, I think is that they are looking at caseloads as a whole in general instead of treating patients as individuals and that’s probably part of the reason doctor’s solve every problem with medication, but I’m not convinced this is due to the doctor’s decision but based more on the expectations of the system.

Like I said, I am fully aware a significant amount of my healing is my responsibility. I need to take care of myself and listen to my body but unfortunately that’s not because a doctor had prescribed or suggested for me to do so, It’s because I’ve learned throughout my lifetime that they won’t.

One of the questions on my list for my next visit it what can I do right now for the Bursitis as a form of prevention to lower my risk for flare ups in the future? I know I need to specifically ask this because the information won’t be offered to me. Another question will be, Why does my foot keep breaking? I mean, I suppose it could be coincidence or bad luck but how about the realistic possibility there’s an underlying issue?

In the process of not prescribing short term pain medication to me while I’m suffering I’m also not being offered any type of information on what I can do to help myself in the moment and lower my risk in the future.

Then there are stories such as Katrina Diesel. Like, it was a man who decided she didn’t need narcotic pain medication after childbirth because, what? I suggest that doctor give birth and then not be allowed appropriate medication given the circumstances AND in a controlled environment such as a hospital. Something tells me if he were to experience it himself he’d probably realize childbirth is not an opioid crisis.

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