This is absolute truth. I struggled until I was 40 years old without meds, but as I got older I grew more tired and defeated. I didn’t want to have panic attacks in public anymore, or drag around hundreds and hundreds of pounds of misery, or stay up for so many nights sped on negative energy. I’ve always had complete control of myself and my emotions but what that basically means is I was stuffing it.

I tried four antidepressants until I found one that help. At first I was like, Shit. I didn’t realize how awful I felt until I felt better. Unfortunately, over the course of time that relief steadily faded away.

My options for medication treatment, my only option is to be asked generic questions through an electronic device so a doctor can prescribe me meds from a textbook. It’s no different than the draw a line and match the word to the picture worksheet we did in grade school.

I’m even more concerned now that our healthcare is being gutted by someone who’d rather “save the people money,” than save the people.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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