This is an amazing story and your cats are s adorable! You get it which touches my heart. Sometimes people are like, dear lord you have so many cats. But they are so wonderful and each have their own personality.

One of the kittens went missing the other day. It turned out he was frightened and hiding in a bush in our yard the entire time, but we were all so worried for him. We live in a very tiny town and I put it out on all my social media sites in case any of our neighbors saw him. This is the description I wrote along with a photo:

“HEY WILLIAMSBURG! Our Olive ran off this morning and he hasn’t come home yet. We are worried and sad.

Gray and white Siamese with green eyes. Weighs 6 lbs. Hobbies include punching you in the face while you’re sleeping, running at full speed and watching Youtube videos. He’s docile and loving until you turn your back. Then he’ll eat books, furniture, wallpaper, contact lenses and anything else not tied down or locked up.

You can also identify him by his collar. It says “Olive” on it with my cell phone number. He does not come when you call his name.

If you live in Williamsburg and/or have friends in Williamsburg please share. Thank you.”

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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