This is quite informative. I’m somewhat opposite and wish I would change that. I know I could and should, but don’t. I spend 80% of my work day writing or painting and by far not enough promotion. It’s foolish because this is how I pay my bills. I need to bring attention to myself. Every day I’m all like, I’ll post on Instagram, Twitter- except I never do.

I’m going to keep your article bookmarked as a reminder I’m not the only one who struggles with balance even if we’re not trying to balance the same thing. Although, I am in the bad habit of, my phone is ringing- doesn’t answer it. I need to read that editor’s email- has 4,338 unread emails in inbox.

Ironically, we take in more information about changing habits than we do actually changing the habit. That’s how the human mind is designed.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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