This is why I avoid the self-help, self improvement culture. It’s design so that people who don’t even know me or my life grant advice based off a generalization and only adds to people feeling poorly about themselves or questioning themselves while the indirect concept is to have them fall suit to the standards of others.

I don’t believe there is only two groups, the best or enough. There’s also people like myself who live by my own standard, my own value of always doing what I believe is the right thing. I don’t need anyone other than myself to feel good about me. Would I like others to? Sure, but it’s not a necessity for survival.

If I want to find happiness I look to myself to find it. Not mainstream self-help bullshit most usually written by someone half my age. I will say this, it does fascinate me that people eat that shit up as if they’re incapable of thinking for themselves, need a quick fix which is more like a quick avoidance as if it never happened or they thrive off the pleasure of following someone they feel is a leader opposed to bucking up and being leaders themselves. Perhaps these people lack self confidence? Maybe that’s another article you could write.

Thanks for the insightful piece.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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