This may end up lengthy but here it goes.

Number one is HUGE. My following is up to almost 20K and the question I’m asked most often is how I did it. My answer is this, I write stories and people read them. Yes, yes that’s my big “marketing scheme.”

I totally agree with the hoarding. Write it down. Save it all. Do it. In times of struggle surround yourself with it and breathe it all in. I recently wrote The Reserve Bucket here on Medium and one of the most valuable things I mention is saving all the shit. Write shit. Embrace it. Hold on to it. It’ll some day be one of the best damn stories you publish.

As far as writing every day, I’d say I publish on Medium on average five days a week. I constantly tell myself to take a break but I find my way back to the keyboard regardless. It’s like that old saying about art. All you need to be an artist is art materials and misery. Just swap the word art for writer, and art materials for typewriter and you’re all set. I am, anyway.

You’ve named many of my favorite writers!

I didn’t even discover John Gorman until a few weeks ago and when I did he became an instant obsession. I feel connected to him in the sense that he’s the male version of my style. I love it. I see a lot of our experiences being similar yet our own. His words have been life changing for me. We’re both very, this sucks but yeah, we can fix it (and of course the use of profanity).

Shirley Lee 🍟is amazing! Living in the age of Millennials where they are more often than not getting a bad rap, Shirley debunks every myth we’re fed about them. She’s not only curious but she searches for the answers and schools us older folks in a lighthearted and hysterical way only she could pull off. Not to mention, in the year I’ve been following her she’s taught me more about culture and cultural competency through her writing than eight years worth of college textbooks ever did. I’m not convinced she realizes it or is doing it on purpose. Her thought process is just that intriguing.

I love For the Interested! Josh Spector is dope AF. I’ll just save everyone the trouble from searching for it and link his newsletter subscribe page here.

Shout out Dan Moore. There’s a nostalgia to getting comfy in a recliner with a cup of coffee while reading a Dan Moore story.

Luke Trayser, best, most true and humorous parenting stories ever. I’d take his parenting advice over “an expert” any day because that shit is real.

There are so many other great writers I love to read also. Jack Preston King, Gordie Jackson, Nate Miller, Cheney Meaghan, Allison Washington and Jonathan Greene to name a few. Oh yeah, and Michael Thompson!

This is an inspirational piece, as always Michael. Thanks for sharing :)

Reporter based in Eastern Iowa. Pro- equality. Anti- AR15. My hobbies include emotional eating, petting cats, hibernating and farming.

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