Today in Conspiracy News. Crowds of supporters for outgoing President Donald J. Trump continue to gather in Washington D.C. hoping to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election results declaring moderate-Democratic, Sleepy Joe Biden, the winner.

The government anticipates the Inaugural civil war of less than 6,000 radical far right mobsters, known as the Proud Boys, against everyone else in America to begin shortly before the senate certifies the results on Wed. Jan. 6, and end by the close of winter.

The Biden Administration intends to knock off Sleepy Joe by this time, and President Harris will have activated the Democratic Party’s plan to put us all in concentration camps by the first full moon of spring.

Those who refused the COVID-19 vaccine never received the microchip implant. They expect to hide out safely without being tracked by Russian hackers.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.

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