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10 things that inspired me this week

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Last week in All Things Creative

Here’s this week’s collection:

  1. Hey! I did it! and I added a bit of humor too.

2. Repurposing those old, useless magazines laying around your house.

#Fruit #Art

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3. The Thriving Writers Show

Frank McKinley has so much energy and motivation when it comes to helping you become the absolute best writer you can be, and he’s a fantastic writer himself. You can find his spotlight on Instagram TV and his show on YouTube or catch the entirety of his magical vibe over on Facebook!

4. Josh Spector

For the Interested (subscribe here)- Josh Spector’s article, Your Audience IS Your Brand.

5. Cheney Meaghan

Her quest to write every day for a year. You can follow her journey here.

6. Street photography

This is the only reason I’ve missed the city since moving to Iowa.

7. Tomatoes

Wondering what to do with all the tomatoes growing in your garden? Best Selling author and Vlogger, John Green has the answer for that.

8. The Words Will Come

Generating ideas for personal essays.

9. Iowa City Downtown District

The Iowa City Downtown District has been booming with art markets, festivals and community outdoor events all summer. I’ve taken lots of photos and it’s been exhilarating to be in the center of all the culture.

10. Hunter S. Thompson

The letter he wrote to the editor of the Transatlantic Review in 1964 may be the most inspirational query I’ve read yet. Talk about an all out go- getter.

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