Well, I’m not sure my insurance would cover chronic pain management since it’s fairly recent as in just under two weeks, and the thing is I know I just need to get past this initial impact injury phase and the intolerable pain will steadily ease to soreness as I heal.

My primary care doctor, a doctor not even treating me for this injury wrote me a prescription for ten pain pills and I’m grateful for that because I feel that’s all I really need. I have to function during the day and I know if I can sleep at night it will certainly give me more patience and tolerance during the day.

Of course if I’m wrong and the pain continues to be this insane until I heal then I’ll push my insurance coverage for a longer term of pain management.

I strongly agree with your statement. I shouldn’t have to suffer like this. No one should. There is a difference between someone suffering in pain and someone seeking drugs and if I have medical science such as the MRI to prove there is extensive damage then clearly I’m not drug seeking.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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