What Foreign Countries Should Be Asking Americans

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  1. Did those people in Vegas have health insurance?
  2. Will you please pass the paper towels?

3. Did you know hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes from hurricanes during the NFL crisis?

4. Is Jerry Springer still on the air? (A Trump/ Kim Jong-un episode would spike off the chart ratings.)

5. Is Puerto Rico a US territory or not?

6. Why y’all so angry at one another?

7. Do you miss Obama?

8. Will the wall be brick or fencing?

9. Is Trump glue? (He seems to be stuck on the Travel Ban.)

10. Which is better? Guns or no guns? (Americans aren’t really clear on this.)

11. Senator McCain isn’t a war hero?

12. Have you tried reporting Trump’s Twitter account as spam?

13. Why y’all bringing racism back like it’s retro?

14. Is it okay if I grab your pussy? (Sorry! I thought Americans were cool with it.)

15. Do you feel stupid yet?

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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