When I read this statement I hear trapped and as someone who is married I don’t feel trapped, I NEVER think about being legally obligated to stay and I am here because I want to be and both my husband and I work for that.

I do not view a marriage license as a contract. I do not wake up each day and think, What do I have to do today to fulfill my contract? I’m disappointed by so much as the suggestion of viewing marriage as a contract.

I dated my husband (as in actually going on dates) for two years before we got “serious”, it was over three years before we moved in together and over four years before we were married. We got married because I like to believe when you know, absolutely know you have found your life companion you get to a point when you ask yourself, Why aren’t we married?

It has nothing to do with taxes, land, money, trapping someone or a legally bonding contract. For me it has to do with being in love with someone who inspires me each and every day. It has to do with allowing ourselves to grow as individuals and together, accepting each other’s flaws (and I know I have a shit load of them) and consistently working toward a future together.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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