When I say physical pain from depression I’m referring to body aches similar to flu like body aches but my skin also feels bruised to the touch, migraines, the feeling of carrying an extra 10,000 pounds with me everywhere I go. My chest feels as if it’s being crushed yet at the same time is feels hollow and burns from that sensation of emptiness.

I clicked on the link and read their stories. Those are their experiences just the same as mine are mine and yours are yours.

I disagree that their needs to be triggers in order to be effected by a genetic predisposition.

I do agree that depression is not a disease. I do not have depression. I am not depressed. I experience depression. I do not have mania. I am not mania. I experience mania. They are symptoms of a chemical imbalance in my brain passed down for generations.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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