Who Do You Want Me to Be?

Dueling With All The Hype and Self-Help

Amberleigh Storms

I came across a headline the other day. It read, 42 Books That Will Make You a Better Person. My initial thought was, Doesn’t reading all books make me a better person?

In my opinion, reading all genres of books is the number one best source for education. Books; they’re timeless, I can’t go back and change what was written, They’re a permanent stamp on generation after generation and so on. Books have been well researched and plotted and planned, and most importantly they aren’t mainstream.

It turned out that’s not what the article was about. It was a self-help article. This changes everything. Self-help tends to be generalized and the thing is, who are you to tell me how to be or that I need to be a better person?

I live in an era where twenty-somethings are writing listicles on how I can improve my life, because they’re experts on my life and- or at twenty-something how much life experience do you really have?

Now, I can keep scrolling and skip over these articles, and I do but it doesn’t change all the hype. People still eat this shit up.

When did we get to this place where we need other people’s advice on how to be people? Once you get to my age if you don’t know how to be a person without someone thinking they need to tell you how to do it or you thinking that you need that type of guidance, reality is you’re fucked.

It’s taken a lifetime to perfect me and you just want to roll on up and tell me how to be someone else? What do you expect from me? Whatever it is, sorry, I’m not doing it and I’m not really sorry, either.

I don’t care how I appear to people. I only care that I feel comfortable and confident, and since when do we need to be more than that, anyway? What about good old fashion life experience? You know, learning from your mistakes and making conscious decisions between right and wrong.

#morals #values

Be a better person for whom? By who’s standards? I’ve only read 14 books on the list. Am I to assume I suck?

All these standards and expectations are way too much pressure for me. Not only that but if I were to oblige wouldn’t that actually make me someone I’m not?

I get it, I’m taking this quite literally but it’s more than just this one list. It’s living in an era where we’re looking for quick fixes and guidance from others so we’re not forced to take a hard look at ourselves.

Shouldn’t self-help be about helping ourselves and when we generalize aren’t we making it impossible to learn and grow as individuals?

How to Optimize Your Morning to Increase Your Productivity. Well, shit. I’d prefer to sit with a cup of coffee, savor the calm moment and reflect on myself. I guess I’m doing it wrong.

Do These Ten Things Every Day to Become an Ultra Billionaire, writes the not billionaire.

I think I’ll pass on basing my success off of money. Self- sufficiency, that’s more a me thing. You get what you give. I think I’ll go with that.

I want to be the best person I can be and I think that means I need to figure out who I am and what I need to do to get where I want to go.

Me, Me, Me. I’ve gotten to the age where that’s all it’s about. Me, myself and I.

I don’t need your help.

I need to earn what I have.

I need to be a better person today than I was yesterday.

I need to make mistakes and fuck up so I learn how to avoid continuously doing that.

I need to lead by example.

I need to live by my standards.

I need to grow from my own self help advice.

I think I’ve gotten to an age where I just don’t care what you think of me. I’m the one who has to sleep with myself every night and live with myself every day.

Behavioral Science ed/ reporter in Eastern Iowa. Informed and opinionated. My hobbies include petting cats, research and farming.

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