Why I Stay Home

I’m not scared or a sheep. Chances are, it’s not what you think

When I say, “stay home,” I certainly don’t want to leave anyone under the impression that I’ve been hiding in my basement for 365 days, or that I haven’t left the house at all or I’m living in fear.

That’s not the case. Although I’m currently serving my ninth quarantine since the pandemic arrived in Iowa in early March 2020, I haven’t had COVID-19, nor have I been at risk by coming into contact with someone exposed.

When I say, “quarantined,” I mean physically isolating. I’m avoiding all of you and I’ve taken a lot of crap for it.

During this past year, I’ve been verbally assaulted and laughed at. I’ve been called a Chinese communist lover and a Libtard sheep and frequently told I’m encroaching on other people’s rights by isolating from in person contact with anyone outside of my household.

To be fair, I’m taking fire from both sides. I’m nine weeks and two rounds of antibiotics into a sinus infection and there are those who insist I have COVID-19 and that I’m a danger to the community, and I’m evil for not getting tested, and that my doctor is wrong, and so on.

In the beginning, I tried to tell my side of the story, but I quickly learned that these folks have their minds made up about me, and what I have to say about myself carries little merit.

Even relatives stopped talking to me because my views don’t align with theirs. It’s a hoax, after all, and I’m just being far too dramatic.

Yet here I am, telling my side regardless — not because I believe I’m morally superior or think I’m smarter than anyone else — but because I know if I don’t, my story will be that I’m a sheep who wasn’t considerate enough to get a COVID-19 test.

What if I don’t appreciate being defined as an oxymoron?

The next paragraph is where I sound delusional, but I ask that you stick with me and hear me out.

I have superhuman abilities. To clarify, I said superhuman, not hero. My superpowers aren’t the kind to come in handy, ever. I’m not able to leap a tall building in a single bound and I don’t have any form of Spidey sense. I’ll never have a bat signal or a shot at single handedly saving Gotham City.

I’d also like to state, for the record, there is zero chance of me ever taking over the world. It’s nothing like that.

I have an incurable disease that causes my bones to fracture spontaneously, and after all other treatment options failed; I began receiving infusions in 2018. I was 45 years old.

It’s been two years since I’ve broken a bone and as of today, it’s been an entire year that I’ve been treated like a ticking bio weapon by healthcare providers. I gave up my immune system so I can walk on my feet without causing fractures, and because of a drug I can’t even pronounce, I traded one spontaneous superpower for another.

Now, I spontaneously cause myself infections, specifically pneumonia and chronic sinusitis. That’s just what I manufacture on my own. I haven’t even gotten to the part where I’m like a sponge, absorbing every germ I come into contact with. In fact, isolation is the healthiest I’ve been since my very first infusion three years ago.

Meanwhile, I’m battered with opinions, but no one ever asks what it feels like to be me. A year ago, I lived a relatively normal life, whatever that means.

A lot has changed in a short time and modern day pandemic protocol dictates that the immunocompromised are the enemy.

Supposedly, we’re so powerful, we’re capable of igniting a super spreader event when purchasing a gallon of milk. Therefore, the government sentenced us to house arrest for the safety of the general population, but really so we’re not an anchor to the economy.

It’s no different from how we labeled our senior citizen population as weak and sealed them off from the rest of the country because who cares about their mental health or what they need, right?

We dealt with a crisis by stripping at-risk populations of independence and caging them up. As grossly disappointing as this is, even that’s not my reason.

I spent the past year watching COVID-19 spread throughout America because of other people’s “personal choice” to not follow the guidance of scientists and medical professionals, a political agenda inspired by The Republican party, also known as our elected government officials.

Not to mention, their run toward the fire approach isn’t working. You’d think after a year, they would have figured that out, but they just keep pushing. They made my choice for me, just like they made yours. We didn’t get any say in the matter. How is anyone convinced this is freedom?

A virus is destroying our country and has killed more than half a million citizens, so far. Why can’t we all wear a mask, stand six feet apart, wash our hands, stay home when we’re sick and refrain from large indoor gatherings until we vaccinate 80% of the U.S. population?

Shouldn’t we focus on saving our future? Why is there this much resistance against the greater good and what do we gain from ignoring the only tools we have to mitigate a pandemic?

Imagine if I spent the past year believing that I’m afforded The Constitutional right to imaginary freedoms and that your wellbeing is my personal choice.

I stay home because nothing about a public health crisis is personal. I physically isolate to keep you safe.

I’ll pass on causing a ripple effect of infections, because who wants their legacy to be taking down their neighbors and potentially causing the long-term health problems of their loved ones?

I definitely don’t.

I blog to stay sane.

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