Why Patreon is Dope AF for Creators

and why I love doing cool shit

Hi! I’m Erika. I’m a writer and artist. The above photograph is my workshop. This is where all of the magic happens, where I write stories and create art.

It’s basically a dungeon in my basement where I go to hide and create things in a room where I can make as many messes as I want. Making messes, mistakes and failing are super valuable for the creative process. Why? You ask. Well, because transforming ideas into actual creation is the only true, solid way to improve my craft.

Roughly a year ago I decided to go rogue. I quit writing for the media and with it, quit having a sustainable income. Artwork was a side hustle. Now it’s bread and butter.

Somehow we creatives learn to live on minimal pay earned in tiny bits from various places.

I use Patreon to obtain funding to keep my creative endeavors afloat. Patreon is a subscription model for people who enjoy, learn from(and believe in) my work. Those people, people like you, can pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to super cool stuff. This access is referred to as reward tiers. That’s right! You can receive monthly rewards from me for as little as $1, $3, $5, $7 or $10 a month!

Patreon also allows me the freedom to try new ideas such as using blog posts as a personal journal, creating photo essays and sharing a personal side of myself that I’m not so comfortable sharing on social media. I do all this while building my own “Back Stage Pass” community for a $1 monthly subscription fee.

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It seems the more I talk with fans and followers about it, the more I hear misconceptions and myths about what Patreon is really about.

Most people think you have to pledge patronage to creators you really love in order to be part of it all. Okay, totally not the case. You can just simply follow me.

Right now I have 10 patrons and 43 followers. (Doesn’t sound like much, right? I’m working on it) Followers have access to my work published publicly. Patrons have access to my work AND monthly prompts and challenges, collaborations, live Discord text and video chats with me, view my Lens, writing tips and resources, my story ideas as they hatch, best practice processes, documentary shorts and physical stuff they randomly receive from me via snail mail.

Notice the two arrows drawn here indicating where you can follow me or become a patron. I love the idea of this because I’m able to build a business on a single creative hub!

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How do I benefit from followers on Patreon?

Followers are more apt to later become patrons and also share my public work on their social media. It’s sort of like free marketing, except for the part where I am doing the work (a.k.a. what I love), writing and art.

Also, followers have the option to contribute a one time amount toward a specific project.

For instance, I’m in the final stages of writing a novella, Blurred Boundaries of Loving an Addict, in which I intend to indie-publish. In exchange for a one time donation of any amount to assist with covering the expenses of professional editing, cover design and print costs- those who contribute will not only receive a free digital copy, they will also receive acknowledgement inside the cover of the book.

How do I drive traffic to Patreon?

By writing stories such as this one, advertising on social media, I begged family members to chip in so I had a starting base and by posting and publishing my ass off directly on my Patreon site.

I write and publish on Medium at least four times a week and always include it in my call to action. Although I do own the domain for my All Things Creative Medium publication, I utilize Patreon as my main website in my bio on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Traffic has proven to be a challenge for me so I’m still strategically planning and going through the motions of trial and error. Well worth the effort since my end goal is to have a steady income as a full time writer.

Patreon provides the tools- I create, market and build a community in order to reach that goal. I do hope you’ll join me :)

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Handmade icons for my Patreon reward tiers

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Click here to become a patron. Thanks for reading!

©️ 2018, Erika Sauter, All Rights Reserved.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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