“Write Every Day,” They Say

Valid and Justifiable Reasons for Why it’s not Always Possible

The internet is cluttered with content writers. There’s an endless stream of how to articles on this, and listicles on that, and life hacking.

Why are we hacking our lives, people? In order to be more productive? There’s no shame in procrastination. What is shameful is waking up three hours before the sun to do a bunch of shit.

I’ve seen a few writers that pump out those types of articles every day. There’s this myth in the world of writing that the best writers, real writers, write every day.

You need to write every day if you’re going to consider yourself a writer. You’ll suck at writing if you don’t write every day. If you miss a day your audience will vanish.

For real, tho. Write every day. Do it, or sink and burn.

Here’s the thing, though. When I think about the earth maintaining itself I think of Mother Nature, the cycle of life and the universe. I do not think, be a content machine.

I do my best to write every day because I love writing and it’s one of my biggest coping mechanisms, even if I just spend a few minutes with myself jotting words down, but some days there are forces beyond my control interfering with my ability to do so.

If I miss a day it’s usually due to one of these valid and justifiable reasons:

  1. I’m experiencing a manic episode and therefore accomplishing so much that I’m accomplishing nothing.
  2. One of my cats is sitting on my lap.
  3. My husband and I dash into the city to do errands and then he wants to walk up and down e-v-e-r-y aisle, in e-v-e-r-y store because he has a skewed perception of a good time, and then BAM! The entire fucking day has passed.
  4. My content generator is broken.
  5. Saturdays are for watching cartoons.
  6. I wasted all day trying to figure out “how to” do something and never got any words on paper.
  7. My kids want to hang out with me (cue the falling sky).
  8. I’m still searching for that perfectly fashionable chain to tether myself to my laptop.
  9. I wasted ten hours eating, showering, using the restroom and sleeping.
  10. I prefer to invest my time into writing meaningful essays opposed to pumping out crap content like this.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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