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Retrieved from Book Mania! 4/1/2017

I enjoy searching for freelance opportunities, resources and reading books. It’s my go to, my stress release and I find so many I don’t even know where to begin. It’s time consuming but it doesn’t feel time consuming when you’re enthusiastic about it. Here’s a few I put together this weekend.

A glimpse at two Do it Yourself MFA writing programs which appear to be the latest craze. I’ve been reading about this type of program for quite some time now. The idea is to improve your writing craft at the Master degree level without paying the Master degree tuition.

Shaunta Grimes of the Ninja Writer hosts The 1000 Day MFA School. My understanding is you can follow her MFA structure for free or go to the next level of virtually working along side her and other writers for the cost of $10 per month.

Gabriela Pereira hosts the DIY MFA. This program is free and you are provided both guidance and free resources. Once you join you’ll receive a bi-monthly newsletter from Pereira as well as access to free downloadable tools. You can purchase her book if you’d like but it is not required. I’m currently participating in this program and I did purchase the book used for $8 so I can move at my own pace.

If you’re looking for headlines that, “drive traffic, shares and search results,” CoSchedule offers a free Headline Analyzer . CoSchedule also offers marketing and management tools for a fee.

Catapult Magazine is looking for short story fiction submissions of 600- 5000 words, deadline is April 30th.

Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for submissions in several genres for upcoming books. Submission must be 1200 words or less and have varies deadlines.

Submishmash offers “All the Creative Opportunities in the Universe.” I get lost for hours looking through paid opportunities on their website.

Lit Mag is taking submissions for fiction, nonfiction and poetry. They pay $1000 upon acceptance for fiction and nonfiction and $250 upon submission for poetry.

Highlights Magazine accepts submission for fiction and nonfiction of 400–750 words. Payment starts at $175 per piece.

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