You can collect old books for super cheap. I just keep my eyes open. I got the entire 1940- 1950 Reader’s Digest book collection from a garage sale for $13. Messages and Paper’s from the Presidents dated from the 1787 to 1902- $50 at a second hand book shop for the complete set of 11 books. They are beautiful books. Many others I bought from library book sales for nickels and there is a second hand website called Thriftbooks were you can order books for as little as s penny with free shipping on all $10 orders. I got 6 books the last time I ordered and just made the $10 cut.

I think my favorite writers of all time are Martha Gelhorn and Anton Chekhov. They both have amazing stories of how they became writers and their accomplishments have made them some of the greatest writers in history.

Ray Bradbury is another with an amazing story of how he became a writer. There are now writing programs that are based on the structure he used to improve his writing skill.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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