Your honesty is beautiful, your words written are beautiful and the very idea of your willingness to share this story, to even transform it into a story at all is powerful.

With each paragraph I thought back to my own children when they were babies and thought about the two + decades I have given myself to them, to put them before me, to sacrifice my needs, wants, hopes and desires for the sake of their well being and how hard I’ve worked to ensure the very best for them.

Your feelings are valid and I found myself in someway connecting with them even more so now, today as if I were intended to read it in this moment when I needed to most.

At 22 and 17 years old I am only now understanding that parenthood never ends and struggle more now than I did in their youth. I thought I was reaching the end of my role only to discover my role molds, bends and flexes to their needs and will most likely continue to do so until the end of my time. I could never put into words the intensity of love I feel for my children and at the same time the urge to sometimes close a door behind me and catch a break. I think in someway that’s the definition of parenthood.

Thank you so much for writing this and allowing me the opportunity to see a glimpse of both your vulnerability and strength.

Newspaper reporter in Eastern Iowa. The views expressed are mine alone.

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